About Us

William Burt accidentally discovered iron ore on the shores of Teal Lake in 1844. What Burt never could have imagined during that moment, is what his monumental discovery would lead to. The result? It would lead to an ore mining mecca at the center of Michigan's pristine Upper Peninsula, driving local economies from then until now, and beyond. 


"1844" and its apparel prides itself on quality and tradition, two valued components within Negaunee and nationwide. Founded in September of 2014, 1844 sells high quality, modern, and vintage apparel - as well as separate collections focusing on the "Irontown", of which is known as Negaunee. Citizens, alumni, travelers, admirers, students, parents, and athletes can find exactly what they're looking for. And if not, we are open to your suggestions and will serve your needs. 


Discover for yourself, 1844.